Explore Basketmaking Around The World

In recent years, I have been fortunate to help organize international basket tours to a number of countries, working with amazing basket weavers whom share their culture, history and love of baskets with myself and my basket weaving travel companions.  Exciting, inspiring, idea growing and humbling, all describe these basket adventures! But more than that, weaving together has a way of making the differences between us disappear – to see the world through new eyes is a powerful thing!

Italy - 2019

Visiting Northern Italy in September/October 2019 we explore the world of weaving at Casa Gentili  with Marco Gentili,  Cesare Marani, Franco Marani,  Pino Rico, and Nicola Solimano. 

And later in the week Al di la del Fiume with Andrea Magnolini and Mirco Pederzini

2019 Italy Brochure

Marco Gentilli
Jo & Cesare Marani
Franco Marani
Pino Rico
Nicola Solimano
Instructors and students at Casa Gentil
Andrea Magnolini
Mirco Pederzini
Instructors and students at Al di la del Fiume

Ireland - 2018, 2012 & 2011

Yes, I love Ireland and visiting and working with the basket makers there!   Joe Hogan, Vincent McCarron, Ciaran Hogan, Eamon Tobin, Barry Noyce & Padraig Larkin, Cathy Hayden, Hanna Van Aelst, Kathleen McCormick and Alison Fitzgerald.

My first international trip started in Ireland, September 2011, returning in November 2012 and again in 2018.

Below you will find my trip brochures:

2011 Ireland Brochure

2012 Ireland Brochure

2018 Ireland Brochure

Joe Hogan & Jo
Mummer Centre Weaver
Eamon Tobin
Cathy Hayden
Hanna Van Aelst
Vincent McCarron
Ciaran Hogan
Barry Noyce & Padraig Larkin
Alison Fitzgerald
Kathleen McCormick

Wales & England - 2017

Visiting Wales and England in October 2017 found us weaving and learning with Les Lewellyn & Clare Revera, Jenny Crisp, Kate Lynch/artist, Maggie Smith, and Ivor Hancock.  The land of willow!

2017 Wales & England Brochure

Les Lewellyn & Clare Revera
Kate Lynch - Artist
Jenny Crisp
Maggie Smith
Ivor Hancock

denmark & France - 2016

Traveling to France to work with Danish weavers, Ane Lynsgaard and Eva Seidenfaden and visit the basket festival in Vallebregues was amazing! But to then follow them back to Denmark for more weaving and a day at the Pilefestival (Basket Festival) there, made this a very special basket adventure!

2016 Denmark & France Brochure

Ane Lynsgaard
Danish Basket Festival
Danish Basket Festival
Vallebregues Basket Festival, France
Eva Seidenfaden
Danish Basket Festival
Vallebregues Basket Festival, France
Vallebregues Basket Festival, France
Eva & Ane Booth - Vallebregues Basket Festival, France

spain - 2015

While in Spain (Sept 22 to Oct 5, 2015) we spent time weaving and learning with Carlos Fontales, Monica Guilera, and Tim Johnson.  And so much more!

2015 Spain Brochure

Carlos Fontales
Monica Guilera
Tim Johnson

Scotland - 2014

Visiting Scotland in the Spring and Fall of 2014, still wasn’t enough time with each of these basket makers.  Caroline Dear, Liz Balfour,  Jane Allen, Pip Weaver,  Jon Warnes, Lise Bech, and Virgil Bauzy.

2014 (May) Scotland Brochure

2014 (September) Scotland Brochure


Caroline Dear
Jane Allen
Lise Bech & Virgil Bauzey
Lise Bech
Liz Balfour
Jon Warnes
Pip Weaser