“I find an endless source of materials and inspiration in the objects and visual experiences I collect from the natural world”

– Jo Campbell-Amsler

Upcoming Events

Willow Gathering 2024 A Retreat

October 22-25, 2024.
Sievers Fiber Art School, Washington Island, WI


A basket weaving tour to scotland, shetland & orkney

September 12-27th, 2024


Explore Basketmaking Around The World

In recent years, I have been fortunate to help organize international basket tours to a number of countries, working with amazing basket weavers whom share their culture, history and love of baskets with myself and my basket weaving travel companions.  Exciting, inspiring, idea growing and humbling, all describe these basket adventures! But more than that, weaving together has a way of making the differences between us disappear – to see the world through new eyes is a powerful thing!